The Esquire Difference

Many Realtors® have the credentials and the professional experience needed to get the job done, but few have the life experience which enrich their purpose in real estate; becoming the best property management company possible. Those life experiences, combined with an in-depth understanding of all facets of real estate, is what distinguishes the ownership of Esquire Property Management and Esquire Realty.

Real Estate Experience that Counts; Mission to be the Best Property Management Company Possible

In the 1940s, Carolina Guillen’s parents left their home in Jalisco, Mexico, to join the U.S.-sponsored Bracero labor recruiting program.  With the help of the program, her parents eventually settled in Ventura County, earning a living picking strawberries and bundling carrots.  Three months later, Carolina was born.  As she grew and reached grade school, she worked side-by-side with her parents in the fertile fields of Southern California.  She developed an understanding and appreciation of hard work, sacrifice, fiscal responsibility and vision.  As a teenager she convinced her parents to abandon their long history of renting homes and instead became the impetus, translator and negotiator in the purchase of the family’s first home.  Forty-seven years later, her parents still live in the same house.  Even as a teen, Carolina realized the importance of purchasing a home, thereby providing the family with stability and the ability to plant long standing roots in Oxnard, Ventura County.

Carolina and her husband, Ray, started their own family in the ’70’s.  Employing the same vision as she did in helping her parents purchase a home, she and Ray invested in rental properties in Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Ojai and Camarillo.  Some of those rental properties actually stand in the former fields she toiled in as a young girl picking strawberries.  After her three children went away to university (UC Santa Barbara, CSU Sacramento, CSU Long Beach) , Carolina pursued a full-time career as a Realtor®.  She became one of Ventura County’s first bilingual Realtors®, and has since become one of Ventura County’s premier Realtors® and most trusted property managers based on her years of experience and her insistence on always treating her clients and real estate transactions with the utmost respect, integrity and professionalism.  Carolina brings her vibrant heritage and years of real estate expertise to her greatest venture:  Esquire Property Management and Esquire Realty.

A Family Tradition . . .

Gregory Guillen, Carolina’s first son, worked side-by-side with his father and younger brother renovating and maintaining the family’s rental properties.  It was common at five years old for him to be along side his father, a structural iron-worker, painting bedrooms under his father’s supervision.  By the time he was ten, he was laying brick entryways, fixing fences and cutting lawns at said rental properties.  Greg earned a Bachelor’s Degree from University California Santa Barbara and taught elementary school for several years.  Yet, he always maintained an interest in real estate and eagerly obtained his real estate license.

Gregory and Carolina joined as a mother and son real estate team and have worked together for over 18 years in real estate and property management.  His formal education, years of experience working alongside his father and his development as a Realtor® and property manager have provided him with the tools needed to competently and professionally represent his clients.

A True American Success Story . . .

Tracy Lu Guillen’s family emigrated from Vietnam to California in the mid-1970’s. Through hard work and dedication, Tracy’s father rose from busing tables in a Chinese restaurant to owning his own thriving noodle shop, Thai Son. By the time Tracy was a freshman in high school, she was acting as the manager and bookkeeper for her family’s business.

Tracy’s intelligence, work ethic and organizational skills followed her to college, where she excelled first as a political science and environmental science double major at UCSB, where she met her eventual husband, Gregory Guillen. She conitnued her educational career at the distinguished UCLA School of Law where she earned a Juris Doctorate.

After graduating from UCLA Law, Tracy signed on as a real estate attorney at a prestigious law firm.  Five years later, she obtained her California Broker’s License and, coupled with her Juris Doctrate she was recruited to be the lead property manager for what many considered at the time to be the best property management company in Oxnard.

By the mid-2000’s, Carolina, Tracy and Gregory realized they had the experiences and acumen for a real estate team based on professionalism, integrity, hard work and knowledge of real estate and property management services.  Thus, in 2008, Esquire Property Management and Realty was founded.

A Great Team Recognized by Voters to be the Best Property Management Company in Ventura County.

Today, Carolina, Tracy and Gregory are keeping the family tradition alive; bringing their distinctive life experiences and backgrounds to Esquire Property Management and Esquire Realty.  Tracy’s legal acumen and CA Broker’s license, Carolina’s 30 years as a Realtor® and Gregory’s lifelong history with rental properties make this team truly unique.  However, the partners’ true strength lies in their steadfast belief that with hard work, real-world knowledge, and a true passion for prudent real estate management, there are no ceilings to success in striving to become the best property management company.

Best Property Management Company

Voted Best Property Management Company in Ventura County by Ventura County Star Newspaper readers.

Esquire truly is Raising the Property Management Bar in Ventura County, Ca; offering full service property management in Camarillo, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Somis, Thousand Oaks and Ventura.