Ventura County 39 Mile Drive

Posted by R.S. Rodriguez

In my previous post, I proposed a “39 Mile Scenic Drive” incorporating picturesque vistas of western Ventura County. The emphasis of the post was on the concept, not the actual route. Yet consider, if you will, the beauty of drive via the 118, east through Fillmore (with a stop, perhaps off Central Avenue for lunch?), back along the 118, toward Santa Paula. Said drivers could then head through Santa Paula via the foothills of the Topa Topa Mountain range, meandering along the many horse ranches which dot that beautiful road. This portion of the drive would wind down into downtown Ojai, allowing people to enjoy the many art galleries of Ojai and its rich history.

Many ideas could be incorporated into the “39 Mile Drive”, celebrating western Ventura County and exposing a few thousand drivers annually as to the visual, cultural and historic richness of this county. Yet, a viable sign and a logo should be conceived to entice drivers to pull off of the 101 to enjoy our splendor and hidden gems.