Property Management Services – Single Family Homes

Esquire Property Management began by managing just a few single family homes and – thanks to the trust and confidence of real estate investors just like you – has grown its portfolio of rental homes under management to become the best property management company in Ventura County.

We’ve accomplished this by giving each of our clients and their properties the personal care and attention they deserve, and our professional approach to property management lets you realize all of the solid financial rewards that the real estate investment business has to offer.

Our 1 objective is to increase the value of your rental house through cost-effective management and to rent your place to strong, qualified tenants. In fact, we normally get your home leased in less than 30 days, much faster than the industry average, while maintaining an extremely low tenant turnover rate!

We advertise your rental home on dozens of websites, including the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Google (where Esquire is consistently ranked on page 1). Our thorough tenant screening weeds out all but the most qualified renters for your house.
When you grant us the privilege of managing your rental property – be it one house or several dozen – we promise you this:

1. We Get Your Home Rented . . . Fast!

So fast, in fact, that we normally rent your house in less than 30 days, much faster than the industry average. When your property is available for rent we employ a full-court press to market your property. We use the widest possible range of outlets to reach out to qualified, prospective tenants, including Internet marketing, social media, rental lists, full-color flyers, ‘for rent’ signs, and the MLS.


2. We Screen Tenants Thoroughly

Our rigorous standards ensure that we only rent to the most qualified of tenants. We use a comprehensive application form and run reports on the tenant’s credit, criminal history and previous rental record. Because of our thorough procedures our eviction rates are well below the industry average.


3 .We Use A Comprehensive Rental Agreement

The rental agreement that we use is the result of years of experience leasing property and is designed to give you the property owner the utmost protection against any potential tenant problems.


4 .We Are Maintenance Experts

Our vendor list contains only licensed tradespeople who are loyal to us and that we have worked with time and time again. They are highly qualified yet reasonably priced. Just as importantly . . . .


5. We Practice Preventive Property Maintenance

Rather than waiting for something to break before we fix it, we have established a routine maintenance program that we use each time a property is turned over to a new tenant. We also periodically inspect the property to repair any small repair items before they become a major expense.


6. We Know The Property Management Business

We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market to ensure that you receive the maximum rent for your property. Our professional memberships include the California Apartment Association, the National Association of Residential Property Managers; and the Ventura County, California and National Associations of Realtors. Our knowledge and networking allow us to stay on top of all current market trends.


7. We Give You A Complete Range Of Accounting Services

You will have online access to your account via the Owner Portal on our website, where you can stay current on all billing, work orders, invoices and accounting. At the end of each month you will receive a monthly report with a detailed breakdown of all income and expenses for each of your properties under our management.

When you as a property owner sign up with Esquire we assign a dedicated team to manage your rental. The team in charge of your property consists of a lead property manager, a marketing manager, a full-time leasing agent, an applications processor, a dispatcher and an accountant.

In addition we have an established network of professional tradespeople – electricians, plumbers, landscapers, cleaners and more. This allows us to help you maximize the profits on your investment property.

Last, but certainly not least, a unique factor that sets Esquire Property Management apart from the competition is our focus on the legal aspects of real estate investing and property management.

The co-founder and broker of Esquire Property Management is Tracy Lu Guillen, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law. Tracy comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and before co-founding Esquire Tracy actively practiced as an attorney. Her legal background allows us to help you follow the rule and spirit of California landlord-tenant law and the Federal Fair Housing laws to avoid problems before they ever arise.

We all know that time is money. If you have a rental home that is sitting vacant or has a less-than-desirable tenant, if you’re planning on investing in a residential rental property and need assistance leasing and managing it, or even if you just want some more information . . . give Esquire Property Management a call today!


Property Management Services – Apartments

There are three critical factors in successfully managing and maximizing the value of apartment communities:

  1. Legal Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Facilities Management

Throughout Ventura County, California, Esquire Property Management excels in all three.
Legal Management

Esquire Property Management maintains a continuous focus on all of the legal aspects of apartment property management.

Before co-founding Esquire, our broker Tracy Lu Guillen was a practicing attorney, and is a graduate from the UCLA School of Law. While most property management companies contract out their legal work only when there is a problem, Esquire pro-actively handles all legal issues in-house and can prevent problems before they ever occur.

Tracy’s comprehensive experience in the legal aspects of real estate investing, contract law and property management allow us to be sure that all activity related to an apartment property follows the rule and the spirit of both California landlord-tenant and Federal Fair Housing laws.

A second technique that we use to reduce risk is to maintain only the most stringent standards when we screen prospective tenants. Toward this end, Esquire Property Management has developed a proprietary, in-house tenant application form that gathers as much information on each applicant as allowed by law. We conduct thorough background checks on each and every tenant, including the tenant’s credit report, previous rental history and also search for evidence of past or recent criminal activity.

Our rental agreement that tenants sign once they have been approved has been developed in-house, designed from our extensive experience in apartment leasing and management. It is designed to give the apartment investor the maximum protection against any conceivable problems with a tenant.

For extra peace of mind Esquire Property Management carries liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence, to protect the owner as well as the company.

Because we use these risk reduction techniques our eviction rates are far below the industry average for apartment properties.
Financial Management
Our pro-active legal focus and exhaustive tenant screening means we avoid costly problems before they happen. There is less money spent in unit turns because our tenant renewal rates are high, and because we are experts in attracting good, qualified tenants.

A unique, dedicated team from Esquire is assigned to each apartment property that we manage and lease. In addition to a lead property manager, applications processor, accountant and dispatcher, there is a full-time marketing manager and leasing agent whose goal is to make sure that each available unit is rented quickly to qualified tenants.

Our apartment marketing programs are second to none. We utilize dozens of websites on the Internet – where our investment in SEO has Esquire Property Management consistently ranking on page 1 on Google. In addition to online marketing and social media, we also utilize traditional methods of marketing such as flyers, direct mail, and offer referral incentives to our existing tenants. Because each apartment property has a full-time marketing manager and a full-time leasing agent we can guarantee that all calls, emails or walk-ins to our office by prospective tenants are handled quickly and professionally.

The result of all of this is that we are able to fill vacant units faster, generating more monthly revenue that drops straight to the bottom line. Once a tenant is inside a unit, we make it easy for them to pay their rent online, with ACH or credit card, at payment kiosks inside of Walmart and other retail locations, through mail or with a visit to our office. We also rigidly enforce the terms and conditions of each lease to make sure that the rent is paid on time, every month.

Our state-of-the-art apartment property management software allows us to forecast for unit turns so that a large percentage of apartments do not become available at the same time, creating a sudden drop in monthly revenue. Our apartment property owners have online access to their account via our website where up-to-date income and expense items can be easily monitored, and where they are also able to receive detailed monthly financial statements.
Facilities Management
One of the keys to keeping maintenance expenses low is to address little problems before they escalate out of control. Whenever a unit is turned over we complete a routine maintenance checklist before the unit is occupied by a new tenant. For occupied units, we perform pro-active, regular interior and exterior maintenance inspections of each unit where any repair issues can be immediately addressed. Tenants can refer to the FAQ section of our website for commonly asked maintenance questions, and in the unlikely case of an emergency we maintain a 24/7 hotline for emergency repairs.

Over the years Esquire Property Management has developed an extensive list of licensed cost-effective vendors who are both responsive and loyal to us, and who are familiar with each and every apartment community that we manage.

We are committed to raising the level of your apartment property by increasing the net operating income while protecting and enhancing the value of your investment through prudent apartment management.

To accomplish this, Esquire employs a staff of 13 full time people in our Camarillo office on Mission Oaks Boulevard. We maintain a fleet of four company vehicles that our staff has access to should a member of our team ever need to be on site. Our professional memberships in the National Association of Property Managers, the California Apartment Association, the Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors, along with our phenomenal networking outreach, ensures that we are always on top of the most recent market trends and apartment property management issues.

If you are an apartment property owner and investor seeking professional management and leasing service, please call today to find out what Esquire Property Management can do for you!

Duplex, Tri-plex or a Fourplex

Managing a small multi-family property – such as a duplex, triplex or a fourplex – is quite a bit different from managing a single family home.

That’s because this type of real estate investment is more like a ‘miniature apartment building’. The tenants, maintenance and management are all different, and if you’re not careful, this type of property can easily turn from cash flow positive to cash flow negative in the blink of an eye.

To mitigate this risk, we use only the most rigorous standards to ensure that we rent to only the most qualified of tenants. Esquire Property Management has developed a proprietary, in-house application form to gather as much detail as possible on an applicant. Our background checks include not just the tenant’s credit report but we also gather information on their previous rental record and search for any past or present criminal history.

While still being extremely selective, our #1 goal is to get each and every unit in your property rented fast to qualified tenants. We do this by applying what we like to call a ‘full-court marketing press’.

Well before a unit becomes vacant we advertise it on dozens of websites including the multiple listing service, Zillow, Trulia, and Google – where we are proud of the fact that the search engines consistently rank Esquire Property Management on page 1! In addition to Internet marketing we strategically utilize social media, rental lists, flyers, direct mailers, and traditional ‘for rent’ and ‘coming soon’ signage.

After the tenant has moved into your property, we excel in after-the-rental service. We perform regular inspections both inside and outside of each unit and stay on top of any minor repair issues. Our 24/7 emergency repair hotline for tenants lets us address any major repairs as quickly as possible before they spiral out of control. Esquire maintains a deep list of proven, licensed, qualified and cost-effective vendors who are both loyal and responsive to us, and who are familiar with each property we manage.

Because we’re outstanding marketers, extremely thorough when qualifying a tenant, and take such good care of the tenant after they move in, our unit turn over rate is extremely low. Many people tend to rent from us year after year, and many of our new tenants are referred by existing renters.

But it’s not just tenants we take great care of . . . . At Esquire Property Management we take exceptional care of you as well.

As our client, you will have online access to your account via the Owner Portal on our website, where you can stay current on all billing, work orders, invoices and accounting. At the end of each month you will receive a monthly report with a detailed breakdown of all income and expenses for each of your properties under our management.

We ensure that you are receiving the maximum rent for your property by staying on top of any changes in the real estate market. Esquire maintains memberships in the California Apartment Association, the National Association of Residential Property Managers; and the Ventura County, California and National Associations of Realtors.

In addition to meticulous financial management of your account, you will also benefit from our unique focus on the legal aspects of real estate investing and property management. The co-founder and broker of Esquire is Tracy Lu Guillen, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law. We intimately understand both California and Federal landlord-tenant laws and can avoid problems before they occur.

If you’re considering investing in a small multi-family property, or if you need more professional assistance with a property that you already own, or even if you’d just like some additional information . . . give Esquire Property Management a call today!

Tracy Lu Guillen, Owner & Broker

Carolina Guillen, Owner & Realtor