Property Management in Camarillo Using Technology

Chris Thorman from surveyed property management companies on their uses of technology in their real estate businesses, respectively.  The staff at Esquire Property Management Company in Camarillo, Ca consistently employs technology and technological innovations to better serve its clients, tenants and business operations. Furthermore, by incorporating technology in its daily business operations, Esquire Property Management Company is doing its part in being environmentally conscious by incorporating technology and thus reducing our use of paper and fuel.

In Thorman’s article How Are Property Managers Using Technology, he surveys property management companies regarding their use of email statements, e-maintenance requests, e-payments, use of property management software, integrated accounting, lead tracking electronically, and posting on craigslist.

Esquire uses technology in all aspects of our property management business.  We market the benefits and services of our company on websites including, but not limited to craigslist, Google Base, Yahoo Local and our website   We post active listings on the aforementioned sites and also incorporate the use of Google to consistently rank high on organic searches in order to further develop our business outreach and marketing efforts.

Once prospective tenants register on our website, they can request an appointment to preview the units on our online scheduler.  If our prospects want to proceed, we offer free application processing if they register on our website.  We thoroughly search prospective tenants for credit status and criminal history.   After our review process, if they are approved, clients can then place a holding deposit online with an ACH or credit card e-payment.  We also utilize Docusign electronic signature capabilities so new tenants don’t need to drive to our office to sign their lease or to pay their rent.

We utilize powerful property management software which integrates online payments with our accounting software.  The property management software also allows us to utilize e-maintenance requests and online work orders. We can also send owner draws electronically and email monthly statements.

Esquire Property Management Company in Camarillo uses an intranet system called Backpack by 37 signals.  Backpack is a small business information management and intranet system which allows us to track team projects efficiently.

Finally, we also use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp.  By incorporating all these tools of technology, we at Esquire Property Management in Camarillo are confident we are incorporating all of our personal and technological capabilities to ensure we are creatively and consistently seeking new business relationships and providing much need services to our property owners and tenants.