Oxnard Botanical Gardens

By Aurelio Ocampo, Jr.


Thanks again for all of your support!

Since the last time I wrote to you there has been some positive news I would like to share with you.

If you haven’t done so, I would like to invite you to join our facebook page so that you get updates on our progress to include botanical gardens at “Campus Park” at the old Oxnard High School site.  You can also see the plans we have designed. The facebook page is: Oxnard Campus Gardens.  Make sure you click the “like” button to make sure you get the updates.  You can also visit our website

After talking to community leaders and regular citizens, we have created an illustration and programmed different spaces to include into “Campus Park”.  Oxnard Parks and Recs was kind enough to allow us to present this plan to them and consider it into their agenda. We feel that if it wasn’t for your support we couldn’t have gone this far.

We are getting closer to our goal.  But we still need a couple of crucial steps to make it happen.  Early next year 2012, the Oxnard City Council, which will have already seen our plan, is going to vote for, or against, the current plan (not our plan) for “Campus Park”.  We need them to vote against the current plans.  Remember, we seem to have their support for our plans, so why do we need to worry?  Well, whether they support our plan or not won’t matter as much as the number of voters that support our plan, because with such strong support, City Council will be more than willing to vote for our plan .  In other words, the more petition signatures we have, the more likely that Oxnard City Council will vote “no” on the current plans, be presented with our “alternative” plans, and vote yes on our plans.

Will you continue to help our cause and let your friends and family know to sign the petiton by simply clicking on the following link and filling in their info?  We now have 136 online and over 170 paper signatures.  If each and every one of you get at least 3 people to sign, we can make it to over 700!  Can we do it?