Oxnard Bicycle Lanes

By R.S. Rodriguez

The Oxnard Plain is in need of “Bikes Only Lanes” which are safe and away from traffic.

The City of Oxnard and its citizens could use and benefit from protected bikes-only paths meandering through the vast, beautiful agricultural fields which surround Oxnard including the beautifully scenic land adjacent to the campgrounds at McGrath State Beach. Or perhaps, the proposed gentle paved path could incorporate the Oxnard Beach Loop en-route to the previously proposed Oxnard Botanical Gardens which might lead you to clearly marked bike lanes through the Historic District and Centennial Plaza.

Imagine bikes-only paths, the City of Oxnard working with farm owners and interests, to somehow workout beneficial agreements to carve lanes for kids and families to ride their bikes through the flat-lands without worrying of automobile traffic, while looking up and appreciating the views of the Topa-Topa Mountains. Said lanes would be safe havens for families, bicycle enthusiasts at any level and those who might feel, on a whim, to go out on a ride.

Perhaps bicycle enthusiasts and city leaders could coordinate with local agricultural land owners to consider trails which could lead to bike paths. Mutually beneficial arrangements. The old adage, “You wash my hand, I’ll wash your hand.” Agreements whereby citizens of Oxnard, bicyclists and farmers agree on a vision where families are riding bikes and are potentially stopping every couple of miles, hypothetically, at kiosks, markets or scenic landmarks.

These kiosks could sell water bottles, juices, fresh produce, lunch or provide information on how to buy local products and produce. Promote local business. Perhaps a few educational kiosks, educating bike riders on the history, late and contemporary, of this wonderful Oxnard plain which is a mover and shaker on the world agricultural stage.

I feel safe bike lanes wandering throughout the celery, strawberry and broccoli fields would lead to fitness and overall joy. Local agricultural industry would benefit from the kiosks and will be able to sell product and promote their brand.

I like the idea of riding bikes through the agricultural fields of Oxnard, enjoying the views and the mountains without having to worry about automobiles. What a safe haven this would provide while appreciating the agricultural industry. I’ve not done much research on the matter, but I believe the cities of Ojai and Ventura have bike-only lanes.

I’d imagine there are a few other cities in Ventura County who have committed to bicyclists. Oxnard, by population, is the largest city in Ventura County with a population hovering around 200,000. In a city this size, it’s time there be at least a few arteries dedicated solely to bike riders.