Christine Salas


For many of us, the idea of crunching numbers doesn’t sound too appealing. When we consider the day to day, for example, of creating spreadsheets, entering numerical data, or making calculations, the very thought of it might be enough to cringe the brow of the vast majority. But what fuels Christine’s role of accounting associate at Esquire Property Management is not so much her love of numbers, but her underlying aim of building trust with customers.

Accordingly, Christine strives to make sure every Esquire customer feels like their financials are being well cared for. And as much as her role allows her, she aims to leave every Esquire customer happy and fully content with their decision to use Esquire Property Management. . Christine is bilingual, providing her with a unique ability to appease property management financial questions or concerns for Esquire customers, and to explain this otherwise intimidating topic in a down-to-earth and accessible way.

When Christine’s not in Esquire’s financial zone, she can be found jogging through Camarillo during her lunch breaks–she loves health and fitness.

You can contact Christine for any and all questions as they regard to finances.

You Should Contact Christine Regarding

  • Paying Rent
  • Vendor Billing
  • Security Deposits
  • Holding Deposits
  • Monthly Landlord Draws

Security Deposit disputes: Please note, if you’re an Esquire tenant and have a dispute about your security deposit, please contact Veronica, Carol, Janet or Natasha Malagon, as they are responsible for Esquire’s itemized move-out inspections. Thank you!

Use the Tenant Portal

If you’re an Esquire Tenant, we ask you to please use our Tenant Portal to submit Rent Payments, Work Orders or Maintenance Requests. Using the Tenant Portal is by far the fastest and most convenient way to resolve any maintenance issues.

*Please note: all non-emergency work orders & maintenance requests must be submitted in writing via the Tenant Portal, email, fax, or snail-mail.

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Use the Owner Portal

If you’re an Esquire Owner, please use the Owner Portal to stay current with billing statements, invoices, work order statuses, accounting, etc. The Owner Portal is by far the best source of current information for Esquire owners.

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