New California Landlord Law

Welcome to Esquire Property Management in Camarillo, CA.  California Senate Bill 183 was signed into law which requires the installation of Carbon Monoxide detectors in rental units, and dwellings that are being transferred (sold) by January 1, 2011. It also requires that Carbon Monoxide detectors are installed in ALL homes by January 1st, 2013.

Owners of rental/leased units are required to install, repair, maintain and test the CO devices pursuant to Civil Code 1954, which allows them to enter the unit with 24-hour notice.  The device must be operable at the time the tenant takes possession.  The tenant is required to notify the owner if the device is inoperable or deficient.  Should a CO device or its batteries be removed or unplugged and the owner is not notified, the owner will NOT be in violation of the law.  Violations are punishable by a maximum fine of $200 per violation, but the law requires that property owner receive a 30-day notice to correct prior to the imposition of a fine.