Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach

By R.S. Rodriguez

There are rumblings and rumors within the (Los Angeles) Clippers’ Nation about dissatisfaction with the vision of the current coach, Vinny Del Negro.  Apparently, players under his auspices are not comfortable with his philosophies.  Namely, rumors abound about his leadership, offensive strategies and rotations.  What was initially an optimistic season after the acquisition of Chris Paul and his coupling with high-flying Blake Griffin has become a mid-season series of questions concerning the vision and strategic leadership of the coach after the team has experienced a mediocre slide in the standings.

This writer in no way is in no way condoning a change at the helm.  Vinny Del Negro knows more of (NBA)  basketball than what sits at the tip of my left pinky finger.  However, should a change be considered within the ranks of management within the Clippers’ organization, I do have a thought about who should be considered as his predecessor: Phil Jackson.

He of the Triangle Offense, multiple championships and a knack for leading good teams with a solid core to NBA Shangri-la would be a perfect fit.  As was the case in Chicago with Jordan, Pippen, et al, he has a perfect cast.   (The same with the Lakers with Bryant and Shaq).  He would inherent with the Clippers the leadership and  basketball I.Q. of Chris Paul, the athleticism of Blake Griffin and a splendid supporting cast to support said two superstars to potentially a championship.

Further intrigue:  Phil may enjoy the possibilities of competing within the confines that are the Staples Center against his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers.  Additionally , should a change be considered at Clipper Nation at the head coaching ranks, Phil could spend more time with his girlfriend, Jeanie Buss (daughter of legendary Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss) and figuratively jab Jimmy Buss, currently head honcho of the Lakers (who, rumor has it, didn’t particular see eye-to-eye with Phil).

Splendid developments and “chisme”.  Imagine the possibilities.