Letter To Landlords

Letter To Landlords

Starting with just a handful of single family homes, Esquire Property Management has grown its portfolio of properties under management to include not only rental homes, but also duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, larger apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial retail and office space.

In today’s competitive real estate market, growing the way we have is no easy feat. We’ve accomplished this by earning the trust and confidence of real estate investors just like you. As our client, you and your property will receive the utmost care and attention. Our professional approach to property management lets you realize all of the solid financial rewards that this real estate investment business has to offer.

One of the factors that sets Esquire apart from the competition is our focus on the legal aspects of real estate investing and property management. The co-founder and broker of Esquire Property Management is Tracy Lu Guillen, a graduate of the UCLA school of law.

We employ a staff of 13 full time people in our Camarillo office on Mission Oaks Boulevard. As our client, you will receive a dedicated team to handle all of the management, leasing, maintenance and financial needs of your property.
When you grant us the privilege of managing your real estate portfolio – be it one house or several dozen – we promise you this:

1. We get your Property Rented . . . Fast!

So fast, in fact, that we normally rent your house in less than 30 days, much faster than the industry average.

2. We Screen Tenants Thoroughly

Our rigorous standards ensure that we only rent to the most qualified of tenants and our eviction rates are well below the industry average.

3. We Use A Comprehensive Rental Agreement

The rental agreement that we use is the result of years of experience leasing property and is designed to give you the property owner the utmost protection against any potential tenant problems.
4. We Are Maintenance Experts

Our vendor list contains only licensed, cost-effective tradespeople who are loyal to us and who we have worked with time and time again.

5. We Practice Preventive Property Maintenance

Rather than waiting for something to break before we fix it, we’ve established a routine maintenance checklist that we use each time a property is turned over to a new tenant, and also periodically inspect the property to repair any small items before they become a major expense.

6.We Know The Property Management Business

We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market to ensure that you receive the maximum rent for your property.

7. We Give You A Complete Range Of Accounting Services

You will have online access to your account via the Owner Portal on our website where you can stay current on all billing, work orders, invoices, accounting and monthly reports.

8. We Are A Full Service Brokerage

In addition to managing and renting your investment, we can represent you when the time comes to sell, exchange or add to your real estate investment portfolio.

Whether you currently have property under management with another company and are considering making a change, of if you are a new real estate investor just getting started, please take a moment and give Esquire Property Management a call to see what we can do for you.

Tracy Lu Guillen, Owner & Broker

Carolina Guillen, Owner & Realtor