Esquire Fleet Vehicle

Esquire Property Management in Camarillo is proud to announce the addition of our Fleet Truck equipped with a Tommy Lift-gate. You may have seen the wrapped F250 throughout Ventura County en route to tenant maintenance requests from Ventura & Oxnard to Camarillo & Thousand Oaks. One of Esquire’s trade secrets includes complimentary appliance moving and storage along with many other free hands-on services Greg is able to tackle from unclogging drains and toilets, un-jamming garbage disposals, hauling away debris, replacing lightbulbs, & re-screening window screens, re-setting GFCI switches, flipping breakers, etc. If it requires a simple turn of a screw-driver, Greg will attempt to fix it before sending out a contractor or handyman. Dispatching Greg to inspect the trouble call prior to sending a vendor has saved both landlords and tenants thousands of dollars.