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Conejo Valley News editorial By R.S. Rod.

In response to Thousand Oaks News article in the Acorn Newspaper.  R.S. Rod does not work for Esquire but has submitted blog articles for Esquire Property Management Conejo Valley news editorials.

Thousand Oaks Property Management News Editorial.  Conejo Valley News.

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“One toke over the line, sweet Jesus. One toke over the line. Sittin’ down in a railway station, one toke over the line”–Brewer and Shipley. 

T.O.’s  bin a changin’, as you can plainly see
The City Council of Thousand Oaks, California has voted to allow a cannabis dispensary to open shop within its borders. Which makes sense because medical patients with challenging conditions might benefit from the use of medical marijuana and other forms of cannabis. This acknowledgement of the potential benefits of cannabis coupled with the public policy turn around in one of Southern California’s most conservative enclaves is indeed eye-opening, welcoming and a good thing.
One toke over the line
Of course the City Council has made the approval with a few questionable caveats. The biggest being they voted to allow the dispensary ‘Legendary” to be the sole provider of the medicine from three finalists for the next 20 years? That seems like quite a monopoly. And certainly a controversial contractual stretch. However, in retrospect, the approval of the dispensary benefitting patients out-weighs those immediate concerns.
One toke over the line
Ironic is the City of Thousand Oaks attached a 6% “benefit fee” of Legendary’s gross receipts to go to the city. The conservative City Council couldn’t even fathom the use of the word “tax”.  Perhaps Esquire Property Management Thousand Oaks should start charging a benefit fee instead of a management fee to their landlords.
One toke over the line
Additionally, though the City Council voted to allow Legendary to open shop, it placed a squash on the company’s attempts to provide delivery services to patients in need citing security concerns of drivers and delivery personnel (this, while the streets of Thousand Oaks are constantly flowing daily with large delivery trucks constantly taking tons of booze to area liquor stores and other shops).  The council voted in-step on the advice of Police Chief Tim Hagel. Perhaps the good chief doesn’t realize nor has experienced the physical tolls serious medical conditions can take on patients weakened by their conditions and how burdensome that limitation might be.  Even in light of the majority of Thousand Oaks residents being in favor of cannabis delivery.
Regardless, kudos to the City of Thousand Oaks for allowing access to this relief-giving medicine to its citizens. As times flow, perhaps policy positions will shift to make the availability of cannabis even easier for citizens of Thousand Oaks to manage.
One toke over the line   
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