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Oxnard Restaurant Reviews

04 Mar 2011

By R.S. Rodriguez I’m not a professional food critic, I only manage to play one periodically online. As such, here are the food joints in Oxnard CA I tend to patronize. Favorite Mexican spots: I have two. I had three. I don’t go to many Mexican restaurants, as my mother is quite the cook. I used to wander over to Sal’s south of Five Po… Read More

Camarillo Food Bank

03 Mar 2011

We wanted to thank one of our Mission Oaks tenants for dropping of a large case of baby formula to our office yesterday. When we dropped off the food to a local food bank, a mother with an infant strolled in moments after we did and eagerly & gratefully took the formula. Thank you for contributing & helping in our efforts with managehunger.… Read More

Oxnard Campus Park

24 Jan 2011

By R.S. Rodriguez Oxnard Campus Park…Tear Down that Fence! Four years ago, or so, the majority of the old asbestos-riddled Oxnard High School was razed.  A few of the newer structures were spared, including the basketball gym.  I attended Oxnard High School and was not sorry to see it demolished, as it was one of the oldest high schools i… Read More

Is the Sky Falling in California?

18 Jan 2011

By R.S. Rodriguez The Ventura County Star Newspaper recently published an article referencing a U.S. Geological Survey which recently expressed concerns about the possibilities of massive storms bombarding California.  These storms could potentially pack hurricane-like winds and devastate our state. According to the report, California is due… Read More

Water Damage Restoration Oxnard

14 Jan 2011

Thanks Ready Restoration in Oxnard for helping us locate the source of the leak in the Oxnard Beach Home today.   Having professional vendors such as yourselves is priceless in the property management business.   We appreciate the free inspection and could not have done it without your knowledge, moisture reading instruments, and water damage r… Read More

Does Shopping Cart Advertising Work?

22 Dec 2010

We were called today by a salesperson regarding advertising on shopping carts at our neighborhood Vons Store in Camarillo, CA.  We have great exposure on the internet on page 1 of all the search engine results pages for local Ventura County searches, but the shopping cart advertising program seems like it would be a good tool for bolstering our lo… Read More

Property Management Technology

19 Dec 2010

We at Esquire Property Management in Camarillo, Ca would like to endorse a new property management website which evaluates property management software and other real estate industry technology and trends.   The folks at property management software guide have written some very intriguing posts this past year.… Read More

Oxnard: Home Sweet Home

29 Nov 2010

By R.S. Rodriguez Nestled about thirty miles south of Santa Barbara and 25 miles north of Malibu along the Pacific Ocean Coastline, Oxnard is the largest city in Ventura County, California with a population hovering around 220,000. Originally the home of the Chumash Native Americans, the area was “discovered” by Juan Rodriguez (no relation I… Read More

Camarillo Real Estate

27 Oct 2010

Esquire Realty is currently constructing a ventura county real estate website geared towards real estate tools for investors.  The target completion date for the new real estate website is January 1, 2010.  The site will feature homes for sale in Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura.… Read More

Mission Oaks Property Management

22 Oct 2010

Esquire Property Management in Mission Oaks has provided outstanding professional service to both property owners and residents. We offer a rare blend of talent and expertise with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our portfolio includes single family homes, condos, townhomes and apartment buildings.  If you own rental property in Missio… Read More