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Foreclosed Homes in Oxnard

01 Jan 2013

By RS Rodriguez Last week The Ventura County Star ran a piece on its’ newspaper and web site stating Invitation Homes (aka THR California), a subsidiary of New York-based international investment firm Blackstone Group, has been purchasing homes in Ventura County at alarming rates since August of this year. The majority of these purchases have … Read More

Apple Computer Introducing iPhone and Apple TV

10 Dec 2012

By C. Flores A technology giant and dominating industry leader, Apple Computer, Inc. achieved its market competitiveness solely on their unique ability to create affordable products of the highest quality and latest technology. One of its major successes in its comeback after a major shakeup in the early 1990’s was the creation of the iTunes O… Read More

eBay Inc: Bidding for the Future

08 Dec 2012

By C. Flores Once the front runner of the e-commerce industry, eBay is facing many challenges in sustaining the level of growth it needs to stay at the top of its market. Through the company’s success and the industry’s low barriers to entry, major players soon consisted of competitors for eBay such as Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, and Craigslist.… Read More

Esquire Fleet Vehicle

26 Sep 2012

Esquire Property Management in Camarillo is proud to announce the addition of our Fleet Truck equipped with a Tommy Lift-gate. You may have seen the wrapped F250 throughout Ventura County en route to tenant maintenance requests from Ventura & Oxnard to Camarillo & Thousand Oaks. One of Esquire’s trade secrets includes complimentary applia… Read More

Property Management Oxnard News

20 Sep 2012

This post was taken from the VCSTAR regarding property management in Oxnard: Oxnard officials are reminding businesses and condominium and apartment building managers that a state law requiring recycling takes effect Sunday. Any business that generates 4 or more cubic yards of waste per week and any multifamily complex with 5 or more units mu… Read More

Property Management Oxnard

18 Sep 2012

Welcome to Esquire Property Management Company serving Oxnard, one of Ventura County’s most respected management firms–winner of the 2012 Ventura County StarsReader’s Choice Award for Best Property Management Company in Ventura County.  Esquire Property Management has continued to offer high quality, professional and personal services to Oxn… Read More

Ventura County Drive-in Revival

07 Aug 2012

By R.S. Rodriguez While reflecting upon growing up in Southern California during the 60s and 70s, some memories are constant. I grew up in western Ventura County and as a teenager; I often had access to one of my parents’ two cars. I also lived within a ten mile radius from the former Sky-View Drive-In south of “Five Points’ in Oxnard and … Read More

NBA Finals

26 Jun 2012

By R.S. Rodriguez In 1971, or so, my parents loaded us kids onto our ’68 light blue Chevy Impala station wagon to visit my godparents in Moorpark, Ca. I suppose there were about five thousand people living there at the time. I’d gander today’s population of this Los Angeles suburb hovers, Herb, at about 40,000. My parents were migrant… Read More

San Diego Property Management

25 Jun 2012

It our pleasure to recommend the property management services of Peak Property Management in San Diego, CA. During the past several years, our residential property management company has worked directly with Susan Srour, Broker/Owner of Peak Property Management in San Diego County. Peak Property Management Company offers top-notch quality, service … Read More

Oxnard Water Heater Installation

25 May 2012

Thanks Donlon Plumbing in Oxnard for your quick response to the emergency 100 gallon water heater installation in Oxnard this morning. Once again, Donlon Plumbing came through with professionalism and a quick emergency response.… Read More